Stuttgart Research Centre Systems Biology (SRCSB), University of Stuttgart

Welcome to the web site of the Stuttgart Research Centre Systems Biology, University of

University Stuttgart Research Centres are faculty-independent institutions supplementary to
the existing faculty structures. The activities focus on interdisciplinary research fields at the
interface between classical disciplines.

In order to further strengthen the systems biology field at the University of Stuttgart, the
Stuttgart Research Centre Systems Biology (SRCSB) was established in 2013 and started its
activities in January 2014. SRCSB is the follow-up organisation of the previous Center
Systems Biology (CSB) that existed between 2006 and 2013.

The mission of the SRC Systems Biology is to develop, establish and sustain new structures
that allow integrated research and education across disciplines in the field of systems
biology. It is the aim of SRCSB to promote understanding of complex biological processes
and systems through a well-balanced approach of linking data driven modelling and model
driven data acquisition. The present SRCSB research is closely linked to the two main
research areas of life sciences at University Stuttgart, industrial and medical biotechnology.
The SRCSB is responsible for the coordination of interfaculty research projects and provides
a platform for participating institutes and research groups to realize an active interdisciplinary
exchange of ideas and to promote joint project work of experimental, modeling and
simulation groups.

Systems biology research at the University of Stuttgart stands out for its close collaboration

  •  Biological Sciences
  •  Systems Sciences
  •  Engineering Sciences

as well as for its profile of cooperation between academia and industry.

The theoretical activities at the SRCSB focus on the development of new methods and tools
for systems theoretical investigations and multiscale modeling and simulation.